Getting Started Guide

Create your Rackspace account

Contact us for instructions on how to get your Rackspace account setup.

Add a new AWS account

After you have created your Rackspace account, navigate to the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal. Log in by using the credentials you established during the preceding signup process.


Note: All new Rackspace accounts undergo a thorough review to minimize fraud. This process can take several minutes to several hours to complete, depending on your signup details. You cannot proceed until the verification completes. If you want to expedite the verification process, Contact Us.

After you log in, you see an option to add a new AWS account. Provide the relevant details and select a features. At that point, we immediately provision a new AWS account ready for your use. You can click the Log in to AWS Console link to go straight to AWS, though we encourage you to review our Recommended Network Configuration first.

Use an existing AWS account

Generally, we recommend that you create a new AWS account because we provision it immediately and already include all of our best-practice configurations ready for your use. If you have an existing AWS account that you want to use with our services, see Transferring existing AWS Master Payers and linked accounts to Rackspace for additional details regarding the process.