Backup, recovery, and restoration

This section includes a description of the services that Rackspace provides to ensure that your data is backed up and can be recovered.

Backups and export

Hot backup, a backup performed while the database is running, is included in this service. An export is a conversion of a database to a text file for maximum portability. The following backup and export tools are included:

* Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) to perform and monitor hot backups* Commvault database, tablespace, and incremental level backups for select databases
* Export Data Pump (EXPDP) to automate schema* MySQL backups with mysqldump, mydumper, Percona XtraBackup, and Holland Backup

Restoration and recovery

Rackspace DBAs have the expertise to recover databases from crashed states or storage failures. If there is a critical failure in the infrastructure, DBAs perform the following tasks:

  • Detect the failure (monitoring).
  • Repair the database by using backup data.
  • Escalate additional needs (such as hardware replacement, SEAP-related activities, and so on) as necessary.

Data rescue

If a user deletes important data, Rackspace can restore the database by using the backup files to an earlier time on another server to recover that data. Clients require redundant database hardware to benefit from this service. By leveraging such options as Rapid Deployment, Rackspace can bring new equipment online to quickly respond to a data rescue emergency.


Replication limits inconsistencies between software and hardware components or both, improving reliability, fault-tolerance, and accessibility. Replication services feature:

* Oracle Data Guard* Sharding and replica sets
* Microsoft SQL Server log shipping* Data refresh using existing backups
* MySQL streaming replication* Building and reporting servers
* DB2 HADR* Export and import process at schema level