Manage user spam settings for Rackspace Email

This article describes how to manage individual user spam settings and how to save your configuration.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Office Control Panel.

  2. Click Domains.

  3. In the Spam Settings section, click the Spam Settings.

  4. If you have multiple domains, select a domain name. Or, to change domains at any time, click the dropdown arrow.

  5. In the Status section, turn spam filtering on or off. Or, select Exclusive to receive email only from senders on the safelist.

  6. If you turned spam filtering on, indicate how Rackspace Email should handle messages:

    • Deliver to the Spam folder: Send spam messages to the user's Spam folder. If you want to automatically delete
      messages from this folder, select the Delete after n days or n total email check box and enter a specified
      number of days or total emails.
    • Delete the email immediately: Delete spam email automatically and do not deliver it to the user's mailbox. Email
      is permanently deleted, and you cannot retrieve it.
    • Include "[SPAM]" at the beginning of the subject line: Deliver spam email to the user's Inbox and include the text
      "[SPAM]" in the Subject line.
    • Deliver to the email address: Send spam messages to an address in your domain that you specify.
  7. If you turned spam filtering on, indicate how Microsoft Exchange should handle messsges:

    • Send spam to recipient junk folder (and non-user spam to recipient quarantine): Direct spam emails
      to the recipient's junk email folder unless they were addresssed to a non-user object such as an
      Exchange contact, resource, and so on.

    • Send spam to domain quarantine: Direct spam to the domain-level quarantine rather than to the individual
      Quarantine Manager for the mailbox.

      Note: To log in to the domain-level Quarantine Manager, click the Log into the Quarantine Manager link. The system directs
      email that is filtered as spam to the domain-level Quarantine Manager, where the administrator can then view and delete quarantined
      emails or mark them as Not Spam.

    • Send quarantine notifications to: If you choose to send spam to the user's quarantine, they receive quarantine updates
      by default. To receive email updates at an additional address, enter an email address in the Send quarantine notifications to box.

  8. Set override options by choosing one of the following options:

    • Set preferences only for users who have not set their own: This default selection manually toggles the settings on this
      page and does not affect any current ongoing spam filter settings for other mailboxes.
    • Override preferences for all users regardless of their own preferences: This option manually toggles the settings on
      this page when you select the radio button and click Save. It does not stay enabled, and it serves only as a one-time
      update for the preferences.
  9. Click Save.

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