Understanding the Rackspace Technology DBA onboarding process

After you purchase your Rackspace Technology DBA solution, the Rackspace Technology DBA team begins designing the backend infrastructure framework necessary to support your environment. This process can take up to 2 weeks. After this initial setup, an onboarding steward contacts you to collect details about your environment and help familiarize you with the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal.

The onboarding team also ensures that your database meets the technical requirements for interfacing with the DBA service.

The onboarding team is responsible for formally transitioning your database instance to the Database and Customer Success teams. During the onboarding process, the onboarding team provides you with a Discovery document that outlines the kinds of information necessary for a successful engagement.

The Discovery document requires you to provide the following:

  • Administrative access to your environment for DBAs
  • Contact information for team members you want us to notify in an emergency
  • Information about your infrastructure

The following are some examples of additional information that you need to provide to the onboarding team:

  • What are you using the database for?
  • What are useful details about how you are using this database?
  • Any relevant information about the application and environment.

If you are an ADT customer, then you have additional meetings with your Lead DBA to introduce them to your environment.

The following diagram provides an overview of the onboarding and migration processes for ADT and PDM customers.

**Onboarding timeline diagram**

The following section provides additional details the Rackspace Technology DBA solution onboarding experience.

The Rackspace Technology Portal

During the onboarding process, we provide access to the Rackspace Technology Portal, which you can use to interact with customer support and create and view tickets related to your DBA solution. You can also report any issues or concerns regarding your database through the Rackspace Technology Portal. This places your request in a queue where multiple Rackspace Technology personnel review it.


If you are not familiar with this portal, review the Customer Portal Onboarding Guide for more information.