Cloud Servers

This introduction covers everything you need to know as a new Rackspace customer, including how to manage your account, create servers, set up security, and schedule server imaging.

Manage server images

  • Create a cloud server
  • Save a cloud server image
  • Restore a server from an image
  • Image limitations

Remote access

  • Remote connection from Windows to a Linux server
  • Remote connection from MacOS to a Linux server
  • Remote connection to a Windows Cloud Server using RDP

Cloud Server security

  • Basic Linux cloud server security
  • Windows firewall rules

Upload your content

  • CentOS - installing vsftpd
  • CentOS - configuring a user in vsftpd

DNS & domain management

  • Transferring your domain to the Rackspace Cloud
  • Managing DNS

Manage your account

  • Billing services overview
  • Navigating the Cloud Control Panel
  • Generating your API key

Manage your server

  • Start a console session
  • Manage a cloud server
  • Reboot your server
  • Stop your server
  • Rescue mode
  • Rebuild a cloud server
  • Resize standard servers
  • Resize up compute and memory servers
  • Troubleshooting low disk space for a Linux cloud server
  • Using server logs
  • Reset your server password
  • Deleting your server