Permissions Matrix for Rackspace CDN

The Rackspace CDN permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the following role-based access control (RBAC) roles:

  • Admin - provides full access to create, read, update, and delete.
  • Creator - provides limited access to create, read, and update.
  • Observer - provides read-only access.

The matrix displays the Rackspace CDN methods grouped by category, their corresponding RESTful API methods, and the RBAC roles that are supported.

Base operations

MethodAPI actionRoleDescription
Retrieve the home documentGET /v1.0/{project_id}/Observer, Creator, AdminRetrieves the home document.
Ping the serverGET /v1.0/{project_id}/pingObserver, Creator, AdminPings the server.

Services operations

MethodAPI actionRoleDescription
Retrieve all servicesGET /v1.0/{project_id}/servicesObserver, Creator, AdminRetrieves a list of all available services.
Create a servicePOST /v1.0/{project_id}/servicesCreator, AdminCreates a service.
Retrieve a serviceGET /v1.0/{project_id}/services/{service_id}Observer, Creator, AdminRetrieves a specified service.
Update a servicePATCH /v1.0/{project_id}/services/{service_id}Creator, AdminUpdates the specified service.
Delete a serviceDELETE /v1.0/{project_id}/services/{service_id}AdminDeletes the specified service.

Service assets operations

MethodAPI actionRoleDescription
Purge a cached assetDELETE /v1.0/{project_id}/services/{service_id}/assetsAdminPurges a cached asset or invalidates the cache.

Flavors operations

MethodAPI actionRoleDescription
Retrieve flavorsGET /v1.0/{project_id}/flavorsObserver, Creator, AdminRetrieves a list of all available flavors.
Retrieve flavor detailsGET /v1.0/{project_id}/flavors/{flavor_id}Observer, Creator, AdminRetrieves details for the specified flavor.

SSL certificate operations

MethodAPI actionRoleDescription
Create an SSL certificatePOST /v1.0/{project_id}/ssl_certificateCreator, AdminCreates an SSL certificate.
Delete an SSL certificateDELETE /v1.0/{project_id}/ssl_certificate/{domain_name}AdminDeletes an SSL certificate.

Analytics operations

MethodAPI actionRoleDescription
Retrieve analytics dataGET /v1.0/{project_id}/services/{service_id}/analytics?{query parameters}Observer, Creator, AdminRetrieves analytics data using the Rackspace Metrics API.

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