Dedicated Hosting FAQ


Where can I learn more about the service levels for Managed Hosting solutions?

You can find a comparison of the service levels on the Managed Hosting Product Page.

Where can I find your SLAs?

Our service level agreements (SLAs) are located on the following pages:

Where can I read more about Rackspace's support lifecycle and terms?

You can find information about support lifecycles and terms on the Extended Lifecycle Support page.


Why do I need to set up permissions?

Permissions enable you to determine the amount of access that your users have in the MyRackspace portal. Our Support teams review these permissions to help determine user access when responding to support requests.

How do I manage permissions?

You manage permissions in the MyRackspace portal under **Account > Permissions** in the subnavigation bar.

Note: To access the Permissions section and modify another user’s permission, you must have one of the following permissions:

  • Account Administrator: This permission grants a user unlimited access to every section of the MyRackspace Portal.

  • Admin: This permission (on a device or service) grants a user the ability to manage the device or service, as well as which users can access the device or service.


What should I do if I can't see/access/manage a newly created device?

Because the system doesn't automoatically add new devices to product groups, users or user groups might not have effective permissions to the device. Try adding the device to the correct product group.

For details about how to manage permissions, see Manage user permissions for Dedicated Hosting.