Delete an access-list with Firewall Manager v2

Firewall Manager v2 is a tool within the MyRackspace Portal that allows you to manage your Cisco firewall.

This article describes how to delete an access-list rule by using Firewall Manager v2.

To learn more about the tool, see Firewall Manager v2.

Why use access-lists?

Access control lists (ACLs), or access-lists, enable Cisco firewalls to filter traffic. The security of your Rackspace environment begins at your Cisco firewall. Misconfigurations in network access policies on your firewall can lead to unwanted network exposure and potential compromise.

The access-lists control the traffic that attempts to enter the internal networks from an external, unsecured network. If access-lists are not used, the Cisco firewall's default security policy of security-levels is active, which does not provide the highest level of network security.

An access control entry (ACE) is an individual entry in an ACL. ACEs are referred to as rules in Firewall Manager v2. The Cisco firewall allows you to configure only one access-list per interface per direction. This access-list can contain as many ACEs, or rules, as necessary.

For more information about how to view, add, or modify access-lists, see the following articles:

Delete an access-list rule

  1. Access Firewall Manager v2 by following the steps in the Firewall Manager v2 article.

  2. In the navigation pane on the left side of the panel, click the firewall for which you want to see access-list rules.

  3. Under Rules, click All Rules.

  4. In the navigation pane on the left side of the panel, click the firewall for which you want to delete an access-list rule.

  5. Navigate to the All Rules tab.

  6. Click the gear icon next to the line number of the rule that you want delete, and select Delete.

    Firewall Manager v2 interacts with your firewall and deletes the configuration. This typically takes about 30 seconds, depending on the size of your firewall's configuration.

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