Migrate a Workload to VMware Server Virtualization

When you become a Rackspace Technology customer, you might already have VMs operating in other environments that you want to migrate to Rackspace VMware Server Virtualization. Rackspace Technology offers the following options to assist with that migration.

  • Customer Managed Migration: We can provision new VMs for you to perform manual data migration.
    You can send physical media to us to import existing OVA/OVF file(s) into your VMware Server Virtualization environment. Unless you reconfigure the VMs to meet Rackspace Technology managed support standards, these imports are considered Managed VMs with an Unsupported OS. For more information about the reconfiguration process, consult your account team.
  • Professional Services Migration: You can work with our Professional Services team to design, plan, and migrate existing workloads into VMware Server Virtualization environments. Refer to Professional Services for more information on Professional Services engagements.