Accessing DBA Services Reports and Health Checks

Rackspace Technology runs regular health checks on ADT customers’ databases. These checks depend on the metrics types you and the Lead DBA identify as relevant to your database. In regularly scheduled meetings, you and your assigned Lead DBA review the results of these checks.


If you are an ADT customer, you receive the following reporting information during your regularly scheduled meetings in addition to standard monitoring:

  • A server review during onboarding meeting. This helps the Rackspace Technology DBA teamwork with you to decide how to update your environment according to industry best practices.
  • Health checks and proactive monitoring information.
  • If you are interested in monitoring aspects of your database not already included as a part of the standard DBA engagement, then the DBA team can also develop custom reports. Because we do not include this as part of the DBA engagement, it requires a separate statement of work.