Set up your Microsoft 365 Exchange Online mailbox in the generic Mail app for Android

This article shows you how to add an Office 365® Exchange® account to the Android® Samsung® email
application and perform basic functions.


  • Applies to: User

  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Time needed: Setting up email takes about five minutes. Propagation of email inside the Samsung email application
    depends on the size of the mailbox as well as the internet speed.

  • Tools required: Licensed user, Android device with Samsung Email

Configure your mailbox

Use the following steps to set up your Office 365 Exchange:

  1. Click the Samsung Email app.

  2. Click Office 365 (if no email account exists on application) or Add Account.

  3. Enter in your office 365 email address.

  4. Enter in your password and click sign in.

  5. If the Permissions Requested screen displays, check the box to consent on behalf of your organization and click Accept.

  6. If prompted to apply security settings, select Apply.

  7. Adjust email settings accordingly the manual setup page and click Done.

  8. If prompted to activate the device admin app, select Activate to finalize the setup.

  9. If multifactor authentication is enabled, you need to verify your credentials with your chosen method.

Basic instruction

Now that you have configured the exchange mailbox, here are a few basic functions within the Apple mail on the device.

Compose a new message:

  1. In the Mail app, tap the New Message pen inside a square icon at the bottom right of the screen.

  2. Compose the message

  3. Click the Send icon, which is a paper airplane icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Reply to or forward an email:

  1. Click on the message that you want to reply to or forward.

  2. Choose if you want to Reply, Reply All ,or Forward the email.

    • Reply: Sends your response to only the person that sent the message.
    • Reply All: Sends your response to everyone the message was sent to, including the CC field recipients.
    • Forward: Sends your response to sends the message to another person or group.
  3. After you compose your message, click the paper airplane Send icon.