Modern Operations

Customers today face a myriad of challenges, from architectural complexity, scarce expertise, business resilience, rapid pace of cloud change, and cost efficiency. Customers need partners like Rackspace to help mitigate these challenges and provide valued-added services that scale with the business.

Modern Operations is a managed service that provides 24/7/365 ticket and phone-based support for operational and systems administration tasks in the cloud. This service provides customers of all cloud maturity levels an ability to achieve operational excellence, regardless of where they are in the journey to the cloud by handling change management requests, incident management and other operational tasks. Additionally, Modern Operations provides a glide path to modernization via our expertise- based support model and compatibility with Rackspace Elastic Engineering.

Modern Operations utilizes Rackspace Technology’s Fanatical Experience to provide cloud expertise across the three major cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP), providing customers the ability to offload the management of their cloud environment so that they can focus on innovation and growth. In addition, Modern Operations is available for customers regardless if they are purchasing cloud infrastructure directly from the cloud provider (no-resell) or from Rackspace (resell).