Cloud Block Storage Quotas

By default, all new Cloud Block Storage users are assigned a 20-TB SATA and 20-TB SSD quota in each region. You can create as many volumes as you want in each category, but the total storage used by SATA volumes can't exceed 20 TB, and the total storage used by SSD volumes can't exceed 20 TB.

This quota is primarily to help with capacity planning and to prevent system abuse. If your application requires more storage than the default quota, submit a ticket to Support to ask for an increase. In your request, include the storage amount that you need (in TBs)), the storage type (SATA or SSD), and the region (for example, DFW or LON).


Your Cloud Block Storage quota is independent from any other account quotas that you might have.

You can use the OpenStack Cinder API to see your current block storage quota.

Following is an example of the cURL request to use:

            -H "X-Auth-Project-Id: <Customer Number>" \
            -H "User-Agent: python-cinderclient" \
            -H "Accept: application/json" \
            -H "X-Auth-Token: <My Auth Token>"

The response is similar to the following one:

    "quota_set": {
        "gigabytes": 10240,
        "id": <yourAccountID>",
        "snapshots": -1,
        "volumes": 50

For Cinder client users, the request and response look similar to the following example. The properties shown in the response are defined in the list following the example.

$ cinder quota-show <yourAccountID>
|     Property     | Value |
| backup_gigabytes |  1000 |
|      backups     |   10  |
|     gigabytes    |   -1  |
|  gigabytes_SATA  | 20480 |
|  gigabytes_SSD   | 20480 |
|     snapshots    |   -1  |
|  snapshots_SATA  |   -1  |
|  snapshots_SSD   |   -1  |
|      volumes     |   -1  |
|   volumes_SATA   |   -1  |
|   volumes_SSD    |   -1  |
  • backup_gigabytes - Total gigabytes of space available for a customer's combined backups.
  • backups - Total number of backups that a customer can have.
  • gigabytes - Limit on the total number of gigabytes available for all customer volumes (does not apply because this value is controlled by gigabytes_SATA and gigabytes_SSD).
  • gigabytes_SATA - The default total size limit for all the customer's SATA volumes (20 TB).
  • gigabytes_SSD - The default total size for all the customer's SSD volumes (20 TB).
  • snapshots - Limit for the number of snapshots (no limit is set).
  • snapshots_SATA - Limit for the number of SATA snapshots (no limit is set).
  • snapshots_SSD - Limit for the number of SSD snapshots (no limit is set).
  • volumes - Limit for the total number of volumes (does not apply because this value is controlled by volumes_SATA and volumes_SSD).
  • volumes_SATA - Limit for the number of SATA volumes (no limit is set).
  • volumes_SSD - Limit for the number of SSD volumes (no is limit).