Contact Support

The Support dropdown menu includes the following information:

  • Support PIN: Displays information for the primary contact for your Rackspace account and security information such as your password, API key, and support PIN.
  • Rackspace System status: Displays the status of all Rackspace services and related components.
  • Support documentation: Provides links to the Rackspace support documentation site.

Private cloud customers can also view profiles for their Technical Support Team members, including their contact information and areas of expertise. For any questions you can contact below are available for your support team.

  • US +1 800-480-0865 (primary)
  • UK +44 0800-083-3012
  • AU +61 1800-519-325
  • NZ +64 0800-519-325
  • HK +852 852-800-900331
  • NL +31 0800-8899-0022.