Publish Content to Sitecore

This article describes how to publish new content to your Sitecore content management site.


Publish Content to Sitecore

  1. Log in to your Sitecore content management site.

  2. In the Sitecore dashboard, click Content Editor.

  3. In the navigation bar, click the Publish tab.

  4. On the tab, click the small arrow on the Publish button, and then select Publish site.

  5. Select the publishing type, and then click Publish. You can choose from the following publishing types:

    • Incremental publish - publish only changed items.

    • Smart publish - publish differences between source and target database.

    • Republish - publish everything.

  6. After publishing is complete, select both Restart the Sitecore Client and Restart the Sitecore Server, and then click Close.