Rackspace Cloud DNS available features

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Rackspace Cloud DNS automates and simplifies your domain name system
management and offers many of the features you need, including the following capabilities:

  • REST-based API: The Cloud DNS RESTful API lets you customize solutions to
    automate DNS management.

  • Multiple record types: A full list of record types is supported.

  • Comprehensive management capability: You can list, add, modify, and
    remove both domains and DNS records. You can also import and export domains.

  • Domain delegation: You can delegate a domain or a sub-domain
    to a non-Rackspace name server by modifying the DNS record.

  • Full TTL control: You can easily update the default time to live (TTL)
    and resource record TTL values.

  • Globally distributed Anycast DNS network: Our internal network
    leverages Anycast to make DNS more reliable and resilient.

  • Simplified migration: Import and export features allow you to
    import or export a text list or BIND9-formatted file of managed
    domains and their configuration details into and out of your

The available management operations enable you to easily manage domains,
sub-domains, and records by using the RESTful API. Additionally, advanced
operations are available that allow you to easily manage mail servers and
zone delegation, as well as create SPF records.

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