Rackspace Email Archiving FAQ

Is there a limit on how much data I can export from my email archive?

You export your data from the archive by creating searches and exporting the results of the searches. You can export searches with a maximum of 30,000 results and a total size of 20 GB, whichever limit comes first. To avoid reaching either limit, you can narrow the search parameters to split up the exported items into smaller chunks. You can also request an archive export from the Cloud Office team through the ticketing process at a \$6 per GB cost for EML format and \$9 per GB for PST format.

What filetypes can I export as an output?

PST/NSF, File (EML), Text, PDF, or HTML.

Are existing messages in my users' mailboxes added to the archive automatically?

No. The fee for archiving imports is \$6 per GB, regardless of the method used:

  • If the messages already exist in Rackspace Email mailboxes, the Cloud Office team will upload the information for the user.
  • If users have messages that do not exist in their mailboxes hosted with us, they must export their data to PST, EML, MSG, or MBOX files and compress them to either ZIP, RAR, Bz2, or GZ format. Then the Cloud Office team can help them upload their data to our FTP site for importing.
I've turned on archiving. When will I see messages in the archive?

You will see messages in the archive within 24 hours after enabling archiving. The archiving tool starts as soon as you create your site, but the tool needs time to build the index and make the data searchable.

The control panel shows that archiving is off, but I never turned it off. What do I do?

You can contact support by creating a support ticket through the Cloud Office Control Panel or by calling 1-800-961-4454.

Can my users access the archive? Do they need to be Control Panel admins?

Users can access the archive, but they do not need to be Control Panel admins. However, an admin must add them as archive users.

To add a user to the archive, follow the instructions in Add and edit archive users in Cloud Office.

Does email archiving integrate with Outlook?

Yes. However, Outlook integration with Email Archiving is not enabled by default. To enable integration, follow the directions in Integrate Rackspace Email Archiving with Outlook.