OS Billable Services for Managed Infrastructure customers

Historically Managed Infrastructure customers have been unable to leverage
Rackspace Fanatical Support™ Teams for help. With the OS Billable Services
offering, Managed Infrastructure customers gain access to Rackspace Fanatical
Support Teams to help complete Windows- or Linux-specific tasks
that are within the
and Windows®
Spheres of Support.

Criteria and guidelines

To qualify for the OS Billable Services offering, you must meet the following

  • The task you are requesting is within the Spheres of Support
  • Agree to the terms and conditions highlighted during the intake process

Note: These requirements enable us to provide customers with the best and
most consistent experience possible.

Restrictions and limitations

The OS Billable Services offering has the following restrictions and

  • We require a review period of 72 hours is included to bring any related issues
    to our attention.
  • Rackspace won't provide ongoing support for completed requests after the 72
    hour period.
  • Rackspace won't proactively monitor or troubleshoot any issues that might
    arise after the requested task is completed or with the task itself.
  • Rackspace will reach out before proceeding if a request is found to take longer to complete than initially estimated.
  • Rackspace reserves the right to not proceed with any specific customer requests that could/might negatively impact customer environments.
  • Time to completion is subject to change due to updates of circumstances and

OS Billable Services has an hourly fee and a minimum of at least one hour. The
estimated time provided at the start of the request is subject to change. If
additional time is needed, Rackspace communicates the details through the process
for approval.