Communicating with your DBA Team

A successful DBA solution requires effective communication with your DBA team. You are responsible for providing context about the requirements of your database, information about the application, and any predicted important business events (expected activity spikes, and so on). You should use the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal for routine communication, but you can also use the following options to communicate with the DBA team, depending on your solution tier:

  • The onboarding team
  • Ongoing meetings with the Lead DBA

The Onboarding Team

Provide as much information about your database to the Onboarding team and your assigned DBA, if applicable. The Onboarding team collects this database information to ensure a successful DBA integration.

Ongoing Meetings with Lead DBA

If you are an Advanced Database Tuning customer, you can expect to have regularly scheduled meetings with your Lead DBA.

  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings that address tactical issues, including any changes to your environment that might affect your database.
  • Monthly strategic meetings about any business changes that might affect your database needs.
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss the high-level direction of your business and determine any possible impact on your database.

The following section explains how you can use notifications to communicate with Rackspace Technology about your DBA service.


The Rackspace Technology Customer Portal sends any alert notifications about the following kinds of events:

  • The status of tickets you created
  • The status of tickets created in response to Rackspace Technology-identified issues
  • Any actions that Rackspace Technology performs within your environment


Review the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal Onboarding Guide for more information about managing notifications.

Depending on your environment, these notifications might provide information or require you to take action.