Deploy to Sitecore Cloud Using FTP

This article describes how to deploy application files to your Sitecore Cloud environment using an FTP client.


To set up your deployment, you need the following:

Set deployment credentials and deploy application files

You can use the FTP or FTPS protocol to deploy. To access the file system of your webapp, set the deployment credentials and copy your FTP hostname. These credentials and the FTP hostname enable you to deploy your application files.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal. For information about where to find your credentials to log in to the Azure portal, see Sitecore Cloud portals and account management.

  2. Click All resources and then select the webapp for which you need to set credentials.

  3. In the app screen under Deployment, select Deployment credentials.

  4. Change your username and password and then click Save.

  5. After your credentials are set, click Overview.

  6. Copy the FTP hostname or FTPS hostname value exactly as it is displayed in the portal, including the application name. The value should look similar to app-cm\Deployuser.

  7. Open your FTP client, and create a new session using the hostname that you copied and the credentials that you set.

  8. Upload your application's files and its directory structure to the /site/wwwroot directory.

  9. Browse to your webapp URL to verify that deployment was successful.


    If you need the URL for the website, go back to the Azure portal and navigate to the overview of your application. The URL is listed there.