Create an isolated Cloud Network and attach it to a server

With Cloud Networks, you can create a virtual Layer 2 network that you
can attach to a new cloud server. This feature lets you keep your Cloud
Server separate from the Rackspace network, the Internet, or both.

Cloud Network limitations

  • The Cloud Network must exist in the same region as the server.

  • You can create up to 10 isolated networks with up to 250 servers
    attached to each network.

  • You can't rename a network after you create it.

Attach an isolated network to a cloud server

  1. In the Cloud Control Panel.
    The Cloud Servers page displays by default.

  2. Click Create Server.

  3. Enter a name for the server and select the region.

  4. Under Advanced Options, click Select Networks.

  5. Click Create Network to create a new isolated network.

  6. In the Create Network popup menu, enter a name for the network and
    click Create Network.

    Note: You can't rename a network after you create it.

  7. Select the network for your server and click Select Network.

  8. (Optional) Clear the check box next to a network in the Networks
    table to remove it from the server.

    Warning: Before you remove ServiceNet or PublicNet from your
    Cloud Server, read Removing Networks from a Cloud

    for a complete description of the limitations that the system places on
    your new server.

  9. Click Select Networks.

  10. Click Create Server.

Your new cloud server is created and attached to the new isolated
network. When the server build is complete, you can scroll down to see
the Networks table. The table displays each network the server is
attached to with the corresponding IP address. Following is an example
Networks table for a server that is attached to PublicNet (Internet),
ServiceNet (the Rackspace data center network), and an isolated Cloud
Network named My Private Network:

Cloud Networks List

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