View and pay unpaid invoices in the Cloud Office Control Panel

This article describes how to view and pay unpaid invoices in the Cloud Office Control Panel.

Note: These steps are for customers who are billed automatically. If you are emailed an invoice, follow the instructions in the email.


  • Applies to: Administrator
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time needed: Approximately 5 minutes
  • Tools required: Control Panel billing permissions

For more information on prerequisite terminology, see Cloud Office support terminology.

View unpaid invoices

To view unpaid invoices for your Cloud Office account, log in to the
control panel
and perform the following

  1. In the top navigation bar, click your account number and select Billing & Payments.

  2. On the Billing & Payments tab, click Invoices.

    A list of invoices displays showing the amount of each invoice and a brief description.

  3. To view a detailed invoice, click the invoice number.

  4. To pay the invoice, click Pay in the Action column.

  5. If necessary, update the credit card information to process the payment.

  6. Make any necessary changes, and then click Pay Invoice to pay your invoice.