Set up Mobile Sync

This article provides instructions to configure Mobile Sync for Rackspace Webmail
on a variety of mobile devices. Mobile Sync synchronizes your email, contacts, and
calendar events in real-time.


The Mobile Sync service is available only to Rackspace Email Plus users. See our
Help Tool for instructions on configuring email
on a mobile device for a standard Rackspace Email account.

Configure Mobile Sync

You can configuring Mobile Sync in our Help Tool by perfomring the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Help Tool with your Rackspace Webmail
    address and password.

  2. Under Support Tools, click Set Up My Email.

  3. Depending on the device you are configuring, click Phone or Tablet.

  4. Select the operating system of your mobile device. If applicable, select the version
    or manufacturer on the next screen.

  5. At the How would you like to connect to the mail server? prompt, click Mobile Sync.

  6. Follow the instructions customized to your specific device type.

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