Rackspace Name Servers

A name server is part of the Domain Name System (DNS) that translates a human-readable domain name (such as rackspace.com) into its corresponding IP address. This information is reported up a hierarchical chain of name servers that store the domain-to-IP mappings in a directory. When you request a website by entering the domain name in your browser, this high-level directory is queried and communicates with other name servers in the hierarchy to find the IP address that matches the domain that you requested. To host your domain on a Rackspace Cloud
Server, you'll need to update your domain with the names of the Rackspace name servers so that the DNS system knows where to locate the new IP address for your domain.

Rackspace name servers

The Rackspace name servers are:

  • ns.rackspace.com
  • ns2.rackspace.com

Using Rackspace name servers

If you have an existing domain that is already registered with another service provider and you want to host it from your Rackspace Cloud Server, contact the domain registrar to change the name servers to the Rackspace name servers. This DNS change is typically propagated to the Internet within 48 hours. During this 48-hour period, we highly recommend that you not make any further DNS changes. If you must make changes during this time, the changes must be made on both DNS servers. Failure to update both servers will cause random inconsistencies.

Finding your current name servers

If you don't know your current name servers, a Whois search can provide this information.

Note: Rackspace is not a domain registrar, like Namecheap, Dreamhost, or GoDaddy. To host a domain that you have registered on your Rackspace
Cloud Server, go to your domain registrar and set the nameservers to Rackspace's nameservers.
This allows DNS to route to your domain hosted on your Cloud Server.

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