Recommended Cloud Backup file or directory level configuration for a Linux server

The following list provides some data and configuration directories commonly chosen for
Cloud Backup for a Linux® server:

  • /etc/
  • /home/
  • /root/
  • /var/spool/cron
  • /var/log/
  • /var/www/html/ (If Apache is using the default DocumentRoot.)
  • /var/ftp/pub/ (If vsftp is using the default settings.)

We don't support or recommend backing up active databases or directories such as /var/lib/mysql.
Because the live database is actively writing to these directories, the files can't be effectively
backed up.

To back up a database, see the article on backing up databases.

Instead of listing specific files and directories to back up, you can configure Cloud Backup to back up
the entire file system and exclude individual files or directories as needed.

For more information, see Best practices for Cloud Backup.