Rackspace Metrics FAQ

Get quick answers to common questions about the Rackspace Metrics service.


What can I use Rackspace Metrics for?

You can use Rackspace Metrics to retrieve and visualize usage and application metrics. Rackspace Metrics features the Query API, which enables users to retrieve metrics data from their database. Through the Query API, Rackspace Metrics also supports metrics visualization in the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel and Rackspace Intelligence for data collected through the Cloud Monitoring service.

Who can use Rackspace Metrics?

All Rackspace customers with a Cloud services account can use the Rackspace Metrics Query API.

Where is Rackspace Metrics available?

Rackspace Metrics is available through global endpoints that can be accessed from anywhere. For more information, see the Service access endpoints section in the Rackspace Metrics API guide.

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What are the Terms of Service?

The Rackspace Metrics Terms of Service are available at Test Term. When the Early Access Program is over, the Terms of Service will revert to the standard Cloud Terms of Service.

How much does Rackspace Metrics cost?

Rackspace Metrics is available at no cost to all Rackspace customers with Cloud or Dedicated accounts.

How can I get support?

To obtain more information about Rackspace Metrics, see the Rackspace Metrics API guide.