Tiered configuration using Cloud Load Balancers

You can configure your deployment environment at Rackspace in many ways. However, if your configuration uses a single cloud server and your server fails, your application also fails.

You can optimize your infrastructure by splitting your single server into a tiered configuration. A tiered configuration can reduce potential downtime caused by server failure while balancing traffic to your application.

Tiered configuration diagram

Tiered configurations augment a single server with a cloud load balancer and at least one web server. The following diagram provides an example of a tiered configuration:

Tiered configuration diagram

The size of both general purpose servers are half the size of the single server. For example, if your single server is 4 GB, the size of your web servers is 2 GB.

Set up a tiered configuration

You can set up a tiered configuration with Cloud Orchestration.

For an example of how to set up a tiered configuration, watch the Rackspace Cloud Servers - Building a LAMP using Orchestration tutorial.