Set an email catch all address


  • Applies to: Administrator
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time needed: Depends on the migration type
  • Tools required: Administrator access

Catch-All addressing

Important: This feature has been sunset. Refer to the Rackspace Email to Open-Xchange Migration FAQ

Catch-All addressing is a mail-routing server feature that you can enable and
link to a live mailbox. This feature aims to collect all email that
comes to misspelled or nonexistent mailboxes on your domain.

The administrator should monitor the mailbox linked to the Catch-All server setting regularly
to identify misdirected or legitimate emails.

Important: The system does not filter Catch-All addresses for spam. Use at your own
risk. With this feature enabled, you receive thousands of spam email from
spammers who guess random addresses within your domain.

  1. Click Domains.
  2. Click Catch All Address.
  3. Insert the email address you would like to use as the Catch-All address.
  4. Click Save.