Start an Emergency Console session

As the administrator for your Cloud Servers, you might need to occasionally log in to one of your servers by using the Emergency Console feature in the Cloud Control Panel.

Access the console

  1. Log in to the Cloud Control Panel.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click Select a Product > Rackspace Cloud.
  3. Select Servers > Cloud Servers.
  4. Click on the name of your server to open the details page.
  5. From the Actions menu, select Emergency Console.

A terminal emulator window opens and displays your server's console. If you see a blank screen, press Enter to bring up a login prompt or Windows® desktop.

Working in the console

The top row of the console displays the following functions that you can use during a console session.

  • For Windows servers, click the Ctrl-Alt-Del button to send an interrupt command to the server.

  • Click the Refresh button to refresh the Console screen.

  • The Shutdown and Reboot buttons are inactive by default. When you are logged in to your server as root or administrator, or as a user with those privileges, those buttons become active.

Closing the console

Before closing the console, log out of your account to ensure that the account is not active the next time a user connects to your server's console.

You can disconnect the console from your server by clicking the Disconnect button to end the session.

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