Moving AWS Accounts from one Rackspace Account (DDI) to another Rackspace Account

“DDI Moves” refers to the process of moving a Customer’s AWS Account, associated with a specific Rackspace Customer account number, to another Rackspace Customer account number.

Customer requests for DDI moves must be submitted at least 14 business days in advance of the designated DDI Move date. DDI Moves are performed ONLY on a quarterly basis and ONLY during designated periods to minimize impact on billing. (i.e., starting on or about the 15th of the month and ending on or about the 25th of the month). Subject to Rackspace discretion, DDI Moves requested outside the designated DDI Move window will be subject to additional Fees. DDI Moves are subject to additional terms and conditions as may be communicated to Customer via Services ticket.

If you are considering making this change, please contact your Account Manager for further assistance.