How to Request a CSR

This article explains how to create a ticket to generate a Certificate Signing
Request (CSR).

Create a ticket in the MyRackspace Portal

Step 1. Log in to MyRackspace Portal with your username and password.

Enter the login credentials

Step 2. On the top navigation bar, select Support > Support Center.

Select the supportcenter

Step 3. Under Common Request menu, click See All Templates. The See All Templates displays list of all templates. Select Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

Select CSR from the list **Step 4.** In **Issue Details** section you can select a device from the drop-down menu. Selecr devices from the drop down list

Step 5. Complete the following form:

Signing request form

Step 6. Click the Submit button.

Support Center generates the CSR for you and updates you in the support ticket.

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