Integrate Carbon Daemons with Rackspace Metrics


Carbon Forwarder enables you to integrate with the carbon daemons that make up the storage back end of a Graphite installation.

The integration is through a Carbon Forwarder instance that accepts pickle protocols metrics, which is the only protocol used by a graphite carbon relay.


Carbon Forwarder has the following dependencies.

Install Carbon Forwarder

Use the following command to install Carbon Forwarder.

git clone

cd blueflood-carbon-forwarder

python install

Run Carbon Forwarder

Use the following command to run Carbon Forwarder.

twistd blueflood-forward
-eEndpoint to listen on for pickle protocol metricstcp:2004
-iMetrics send interval, in seconds30.0
-bBlueflood addresshttps://localhost:19000
-tTenant IDtenant
-pPrefix to add to metrics namemetric_prefix
--ttlTime-to-live value for metrics, in seconds86400
-uKeystone user
-kKeystone key
--auth-urlKeystone token URL

If you don't need authentication, leave the -u/--user command line argument empty (which is the default value).

Send metrics

To send a test metric to the twisted server that you just started, run the following command.

python tests/scripts/

Modify the script accordingly for your local testing.

Configure Carbon Forwarder

To complete the configuration, pass the following command-line arguments to the twistd daemon.

twistd -n -l - blueflood-forward --help

Logging (optional)

If not using your own LogObserver, use the following command to control logging by using LogObserver.

twistd --logger carbonforwarderlogging.forwarder_log_observer.get_log_observer blueflood-forward