Getting Started with Rackspace Intelligence for Dedicated accounts


This guide is for Rackspace Intelligence on a dedicated account. If you have a standard cloud account, see Getting started with Rackspace Intelligence for the cloud.

Rackspace Intelligence supports dedicated customer accounts. If you're a dedicated customer, you can use the Rackspace Intelligence dashboard to view your availability monitors.

Rackspace Intelligence provides a dashboard that shows you actionable insights into the health of your infrastructure.

As a customer with a dedicated account, you can perform the following tasks:

  • View the availability of your applications.

  • Create customized visualizations and graphs.

  • Use the following types of remote checks:

    • Ping

    • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

    • HTTP

For more information, see Working with alarms.


Before you begin to use Rackspace Intelligence, you might want to review the following resources:

Access Rackspace Intelligence

Use the following steps to access Rackspace Intelligence:

  1. Log in to the MyRackspace Portal.

  2. In the top navigation bar, click Select a Product > Rackspace Intelligence.

You are redirected to the Rackspace Intelligence dashboard.

Learn more about alarms, checks, notifications, and notification plans

For more information about these features, see Work with alarms, checks, notifications, and notification plans for dedicated accounts.