Implementing Database Monitoring

The Rackspace DBA team monitors your database to identify trends and provide the data necessary to predict and plan for the future. Monitoring allows Rackspace DBAs to review your database environment and provide insights and expert feedback. Rackspace DBA monitoring solutions are available for most database configurations.

Rackspace Technology uses the following monitoring tools to track metrics and events in your database:

  • Microsoft databases hosted with Rackspace Technology use Microsoft SCOM System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).
  • Remote customers and Oracle customers hosted at Rackspace use either Unified Infrastructure Manager (DXIM) or work with Rackspace DB Monitoring to develop a custom solution.
  • Cloud-native customers use either DXIM or any available cloud-native monitoring solution.

The DBA team either fixes an issue when it occurs or notifies you of necessary next steps through the Rackspace Technology Portal.


Typically, customers have a single monitoring solution for their entire account, but sometimes an environment requires multiple solutions.

This chapter provides the following information about the DBA monitoring solution:

Deploy Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

If you host your database on a Rackspace managed server, you can implement monitoring by using SCOM without any additional actions.

Deploy Unified Infrastructure Manager (DXIM)

You are responsible for helping to meet the following conditions to deploy the Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM) within your environment:

  • Provide a virtual machine to act as the DXIM hub. This virtual machine requires resources and proper configuration. You are also responsible for any additional costs associated with this virtual machine.
  • Restart and patch the virtual machine as needed.
  • Configure your network to enable the necessary flow of data and alerts in and out of the UIM hub.

If Rackspace Technology is managing your environment, the DBA team provides the following assistance:

  • Work with the corresponding Rackspace team to restart or patch the virtual machine.
  • Deploy a DXIM agent onto each database server and configure it with the appropriate access roles.

The following diagram outlines the network architecture for deploying the UIM solution.

**UIM solution diagram**

The following table summarizes the technical requirements for granting DBA services access to your environment by using a bastion host or a VPN.

**Technical requirements diagram**

Additional Monitoring for ADT Customers

If you are an ADT customer, your dedicated Lead DBA also reviews the monitoring information and provides improvement recommendations and best practice suggestions during regularly scheduled meetings.