Create an object-group with Firewall Manager v2

Firewall Manager v2 is a tool within the MyRackspace Portal. This article describes how to create object-groups within this tool, an easy to use feature that groups and sorts like items such as IP addresses, ports, or protocols.

To learn more about the tool, see Firewall Manager v2.

Why should I use an object-group?

Object-groups improve the organization and readability of a firewall's running configuration. A running configuration that is easy to read and modify reduces the chances for a misconfiguration and increases the ability to troubleshoot issues quickly.

In Firewall Manager v2, object-groups are referred to as IP groups. You can view, create, modify, and delete any object-group on your firewall. For more information, see the following articles:

Add an object-group

  1. Log in to the MyRackspace Portal by using your Rackspace account number, username, and password.

  2. In the top navigation bar, click Network > Firewall Manager v2.

  3. In the navigation pane on the left side of the panel, click the firewall for which you want to see object-groups.

  4. Under Rules in the navigation pane, click IP Groups.

  5. Under the IP Groups label, click Add Group. The Add Group page is displayed.

  6. In the Group Name field, type the name of the object-group.

    We recommend using a name that directly relates to the access that this object-group will grant. We also recommend using all uppercase letters with dashes separating word groups. For example, if an object-group will be used to give John Doe SSH access to the web servers over Transmissiong Control Protocol (TCP) port 22, you might name the object-group JOHNDOE-WEBSRVS-22.

  7. To add IP hosts or subnet ranges to the group, click Add IP(s).

  8. In the text field, type a single IP address or subnet, or enter a list of IP addresses or subnets, with each unique item on its own line.

    If you need help creating a custom subnet range, click the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) link under the text field. The drop-down changes to an input range field. Define the IP range required and click Convert IPs. Firewall Manager v2 converts the IP range into the exact CIDR values required.

    Note: Firewall Manager v2 permits only /24 to /32 subnet sizes. If you require a subnet size larger than /24, contact Rackspace Support to manually add this value for you.

  9. Click Add IP.

  10. Click Save Changes.

Firewall Manager v2 interacts with your firewall and adds the configuration. This typically takes about 30 seconds, depending on the size of your firewall's configuration.

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