Associate a Cloud Account with RackConnect v3.0

Applies to: RackConnect v3.0

RackConnect v3.0 is a hybrid offering that provides network connectivity between your dedicated and cloud environments. By default, you can manage your dedicated environment within the MyRackspace Portal,
but you cannot manage any of your cloud environments. To perform some cloud account administration tasks from the MyRackspace Portal, you must link your cloud accounts with your dedicated account.

A RackConnect v3.0 configuration represents a single deployment of a RackConnect solution. A configuration is normally associated with one or more cloud accounts. For more information about configurations, see RackConnect key terms.

After you link your cloud accounts with your dedicated account, you can then associate a cloud account with a particular RackConnect v3.0 configuration from within the MyRackspace Portal. After you associate a cloud account with a configuration, a ticket is automatically generated for us, and we work with you to fully configure the cloud account for use with RackConnect v3.0. See the RackConnect v3.0 requirements article for more details.

The following sections provide steps for linking and associating a cloud account.

Create a new cloud account or link an existing account

  1. Log in to the MyRackspace Portal.

  2. In the top navigation bar, click Select a Product > Dedicated Hosting.

  3. Click Products > Rackspace Cloud.

    The Link Cloud Account and Create Cloud Account options are near the top of the screen.

  4. Click the appropriate option and follow the guide to complete the process.

Associate a cloud account with a RackConnect v3.0 configuration

  1. Ensure that you have already linked a cloud account to your dedicated account. You can verify this from the
    MyRackspace Portal by clicking Select a Product > Dedicated Hosting, and then Products > Rackspace Cloud. Your linked cloud account's details are displayed on the right-hand pane of the screen.

  2. After you have linked a cloud account, you can click the plus sign (+) under the RackConnect column to associate a cloud account with one of your RackConnect configurations. In most cases, you have only one RackConnect configuration.