Getting Started with Rackspace Hosted Email

This article guides you through creating, managing, building, and growing your Rackspace Hosted Email account. We recommend completing tasks in the following order:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Manage and secure an account.
  3. Create mailboxes.
  4. Migrate your email.
  5. Configure your domain to receive email.
  6. Configure desktop and mobile devices.

Create an account

Before addressing tasks such as securing your account, creating mailboxes, and even migrating users, you must create an account to house the email solution that your business relies on. We created an article to make
creating your Rackspace Hosted Email account as easy as possible.

Manage and secure an account

Now that you have created an account, there are a few things that you should do to prevent surprises:

  1. Protect your account by enabling multifactor authentication for yourself and your administrators.

  2. Add administrators to help manage your account. You should consider who needs access to technical or
    billing portions of the account and assign them the appropriate permissions.

  3. Learn how to monitor your account's billing activity to ensure that you allocate resources efficiently.

Create mailboxes

Your account is now ready for you to create mailboxes. Before you can migrated your email data and your users can begin using their new email solution, create their new mailboxes. Review the following resources to see brief instructions for creating Rackspace Email or Microsoft Exchange® mailboxes:

Migrate your email

If you do not have a roadmap to follow from start to finish, migrating email data can be tedious. Our migration process offers many useful tools as well as robust instructions to make the transition as quick as possible. See our comprehensive guide on Rackspace Hosted Email migration services to see which plan is your best fit.

Configure your domain to receive email

After creating your mailboxes, adjust your domain to deliver email to your new Rackspace Hosted Email mailboxes. This process can seem intimidating, but users of all technical levels can accomplish it by using our step-by-step instructions. The steps in the Set up DNS records for Rackspace Hosted Email article set you up for a successful email host transition.

Configure desktop and mobile devices

When your email migration finishes and your users are ready to start receiving email on their desktop and mobile email clients, they can find detailed instructions for many of the most popular devices by using our Email Help tool. This tool walks the user through an interactive portal that asks a series of questions that lead to device-specific email configuration instructions. To use the tool, navigate to and log in with your
Rackspace Hosted Email email address and password.