Manage your portal profile and groups

To view and edit your profile settings and the notifications for your account, select your username from the global navigation menu.

Select My Profile & Settings to view your primary contact information, view or edit your security settings, and view your account and product permissions.

This display is different for Private cloud and Public cloud customers.

Private cloud

If you are a Private Cloud customer, the following information displays:

Ticket Email NotificationsUpdate your name and contact information
API AccessManage your API key for authenticating Rackspace Technology APIs
User InformationUpdate your contact information, support PIN, and password
Support PINA Support PIN is the customer secret that the customer uses to verify their identity when they call in for technical, billing, or account management support
Update PasswordUpdate your password or registration code

Public Cloud

If you are a Public Cloud customer, the following information displays:

Primary Contact InformationDisplays the contact information for your entire Rackspace Cloud solutions account. Review change_account_name for more information
Security SettingsChange your password, enable or disable multi-factor authentication, and Manage your API key
Rackspace Account PermissionsView your account permissions.
Product PermissionsView the products associated with your account