Understanding Database Backup Options

Database backups enable you to recover your data in the event of a system failure.

Rackspace Technology performs database backups for all devices that are part of the DBA solution. We do customizable backups by using native database technology to best suit your needs.

We can do backups in the following ways, depending on the location of the server:

  • Local Backups: The Rackspace DBA team performs local database backups to an attached local disk. This speeds up the process of restoring a backup if necessary. We perform local backups according to an agreed-upon schedule.
  • Remote Backups: You are then responsible for ensuring that you store your backups on a secondary form of storage for security purposes.
  • Third Party backups (Commvault): We do not include this additional service with the DBA solution, but you purchase it to complete the remote backup service.

The Rackspace Technology Managed Backup team completes all backups. We notify you of any failures or issues with the backup process through the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal.