Migrate data from mdf file to ndf file in same file group

Problem: Database integrity job was failing due to IOPS issue for TestDB database which is more than 2 TB in size. Due to large file size, it is becoming difficult to manage the database.

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ORDS Relation with SQL Developer


Oracle REST Data Services are based on Java Enterprise Edition and provide security, RESTful Web Services, and flexibility through support for deployment in different type of configurations like standalone mode, Apache Tomcat and Oracle WebLogic Server.

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Oracle Cloud Guard Service Overview

I have been working on Oracle Cloud technologies since 2018 and based on my experience, the goal of the cloud vendor is to educate customers about the potential benefits of the cloud and their IT teams of its implementation and migrations.

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Row Access Policies to Implement a Data Clean Room in Snowflake

It’s common for advertisers to ask for more analytics from their publishers. They want to know if their ads performed well, along with a series of other factors. But the publishers cannot traditionally share their sensitive or proprietary data.

Two such partners may have their own private lists of users, customers, and products, that they cannot share with each other. Because of PII and other privacy concerns, or simply because this is valuable proprietary data.

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Adding new articles and reinitializing the subscriber for already initialized SQL transactional replication with backup

In my earlier blog, I had discussed how to Initialize replication for a large database using the database backup. I will now be discussing how to add new articles and reinitialize the existing SQL Server transactional replication configured through backup.

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Configuration of Oracle E-Business Suite Enterprise Command Centers (ECC)

ECC is a set of tightly-integrated, information-rich dashboards which helps users to identify and act on priority transactions without custom operational reporting.

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Creating a Kubernetes cluster on AWS EKS

Jenkins X : An opinionated cloud native CI/CD tool (series blog-1)

In this blog we will create a Kubernetes cluster in AWS with minimal steps. No to little knowledge of AWS is required to follow this blog.

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Basics of HashiCorp Vagrant

As per the Vagrant official website, “Vagrant is a tool for building and managing virtual machine environments in a single workflow. With an easy-to-use workflow and focus on automation, Vagrant lowers development environment setup time, increases production parity, and makes the works on my machine excuse a relic of the past.”

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How to set Budgets in Oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI)

What are OCI budgets?

A budget is an option provided in OCI console by which you can track Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) spending.

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Reducing deployment process execution time in GCP

“Perfect software doesn’t exist. No one in the brief history of computing has ever written a piece of perfect software”

  • Andrew Hunt, The Pragmatic Programmer
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