Comparing Server Virtualization

Rackspace Managed Virtualization services offer a customizable infrastructure that can be architected to support even the most demanding workloads. Our experienced engineers are available 24x7x365 to help architect, deploy, and troubleshoot your hosted VMware® environment.

VMware Server Virtualization

VMware Server Virtualization is a simple, easy-to-consume, managed VMware environment that's perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that want to offload the maintenance and monitoring of the guest operating system (OS), VMware software stack, and underlying hardware to Rackspace. For more information, see the following resources:

VMware Server Virtualization versus Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by VMware

FeatureVMware Server VirtualizationRackspace Private Cloud Powered by VMware
Managed support for VMware stack and underlying hardwareYesYes
Managed guest OS-layer support
(for example, OS patching)
Hosted catalogsNo- Customer-provided OS
- Rackspace-provided OS with host-based licensing (optional)
Self-service portalNoYes
Access via APINone- vSphere® API
- vCloud® API (optional)
- NSX™ API (optional)
- vSAN API (optional)
- vRealize API (optional)
Access via GUIMyRackspace® Web Portal- vSphere Web Interface
- vCloud Web Portal (optional)
- vRealize Operations Web Portal (optional)
- vRealize Web Portal (optional)
Single-tenant vSphere hypervisorsYesYes
Storage options- Local disk
- Dedicated EMC SAN
- NetApp NAS
- Dedicated EMC SAN
- NetApp NAS
- VMware vSAN
Networking options- Brocade®
- F5®
- Cisco
- Brocade
- F5
- Cisco
- NSX Software-Defined Networking
Service level options- Managed SLA
- Intensive SLA
- Intensive SLA
Compatible with VMware vRANoYes
Capacity planningRackspace assistance providedVMware vROps Included
Automation toolsNo- vApp Deployment Automation (optional vCloud Director)
- vRealize Automation (optional)
- Chef® / Ansible® / Puppet plug-in Ecosystem