Firewall Manager v2 object-groups

Firewall Manager v2 is a tool within the MyRackspace Portal. This article describes a feature within this tool - the object-group, an easy to use feature that groups and sorts like items such as Internet protocol (IP) addresses, ports, or protocols.

To learn more about the tool, see Firewall Manager v2.

Why should I use an object-group?

Object-groups improve the organization and readability of a firewall's running configuration. A running configuration that is easy to read and modify reduces the chances for a misconfiguration and increases the ability to troubleshoot issues quickly.

In Firewall Manager v2, object-groups are referred to as IP groups. You can view, modify, add, and delete any object-group on your firewall. For more information, see the following articles:

Object-groups and access-lists rules

Object-groups are commonly used to make the configuration of a firewall's access list more easily readable and controlled, which assists in support and troubleshooting. Instead of creating individual access-list rules for each component of an object-group, you can reference an object-group in an access-list rule. For example, if an object-group contains 100 IP hosts, you can create one access-list rule that performs a required action on all the hosts in the object-group, rather than creating 100 access-list rule in the running configuration that individually specifies each host.

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