Connecting to Cloud Files

Rackspace Technology Cloud Servers can connect to Cloud Files without accruing
bandwidth charges when the server and the Cloud Files account are in the
same data center. This connection uses the internal IP
address that your server comes with on the internal Rackspace network,

If you are not familiar with Cloud Files, see the product information.

To view or download the Cloud Files API documentation, go to the
Cloud Files Developer Guide.
You can also access the documentation and some code samples from the
Cloud Files Quick Start.
Code samples are available for PHP, Python, and Java.

To connect, you must use the internal network hostname. The hostname is the
Cloud Files storage URL with snet- prepended to it. Be
aware that even though you are not charged for bandwidth when you use
ServiceNet to connect, you are still charged for requests and

You can locate your Cloud Server data center in the following

  • Cloud Control Panel: On the
    main Cloud Files page in the Cloud Control Panel, locate your Cloud Files
    data center in the Region column.
  • Through the API: You can find your Cloud Files data center in
    the storage URL that is part of the response when you authenticate to
    Cloud Files. For more information, see
    Retrieving the Authentication Token.

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