Configure a renamed email address on Outlook 2011 for Mac

After you rename a Rackspace Email address, your devices will receive new mail only after you configure them to connect to the new email address. This article describes how to configure a renamed email address in Outlook 2011 for Mac.


  • Applies to: User
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time needed: Approximately 20 minutes
  • Tools required: Mailbox password and access to the devices you want to connect

For more information about prerequisite terminology, see Cloud Office support terminology.

Warning: If the old email address connects via POP, you must migrate the POP data to an IMAP account so that no data is lost. Follow the instructions in Migrate from a POP server to IMAP in Outlook for Mac.

Configure mail settings

  1. Quit Outlook 2011 by right-clicking the icon and selecting Quit.

  2. Open Outlook 2011 while pressing the Option key.

    The Microsoft Database Utility opens.

  3. Create a new identity by clicking the + sign and then naming the identity.

  4. Set the new identity as the default by highlighting it, clicking the gear icon, and then selecting Set as Default.

  5. Close the Microsoft Database Utility and open Outlook 2011.

  6. In the upper-left corner of the menu bar, click Outlook > Preferences.

  7. On the Preferences screen, under Personal Settings, click Accounts.

  8. On the Accounts screen, click Other Email and enter the following information:

    • Email Address: Your renamed Rackspace Email address

    • Password: Your mailbox password.

    • User name: Your renamed Rackspace Email address

    • Type: IMAP

    • Incoming server settings:

      • Incoming Server:
      • Override default port: Selected
      • Use SSL to connect (recommended): Selected
      • Incoming Server Port: 993
    • Outgoing server settings:

      • Outgoing Server:
      • Override default port: Selected
      • Use SSL to connect (recommended): Selected
      • Outgoing Server Port: 465
  9. Click Add Account.

  10. Click More Options and enter the following information:

    • Authentication: Use Incoming Server information
    • Unqualified domain: Leave this field blank
  11. Click OK.

  12. Close the accounts window and click Send/Receive in Outlook.

You have now successfully configured Outlook 2011 to connect to the renamed email address.

Note: If you see items missing in the new Outlook account, you must import the data from the old profile. See Migrate from a POP server to Rackspace Email IMAP.