Reset a Cloud Server network with Pitchfork

This article describes how to reset a Cloud Server's network with the API tool, Pitchfork.

NOTE: Do not use this article for servers that use RackConnect v2 because resetting the network breaks RackConnect connectivity. However, you can use this API call with RackConnect v3 Cloud Servers. If you're unsure which version of RackConnect you have, reach out to your Support team for further assistance.


You need to ensure the nova-agent service is running on the Cloud Server before proceeding. If the service isn't running, the API call doesn't complete successfully despite responding with a 202 status code. For more information on nova-agent see Nova agent (Linux) and Rackspace Agent (Windows).

Log in to Pitchfork

Log in to Pitchfork at:

Refer to Pitchfork - the Rackspace Cloud API web application to learn how to log in to and use Pitchfork.

Reset the network with Pitchfork

  1. After you log in to Pitchfork, click on the Cloud Servers icon to pull up the Cloud Server API calls.

  2. At the top of this page, click the Region drop-down box to select the region the server resides in.

  3. Next, navigate to the Actions section to find the Reset Network API call. Then, click Details to expand the call.

  4. Enter the server's ID, or UUID, in the server_id box and click Send API Call. The Response Body output of the API call displays the following message, which indicates success:

No content received. Status Code: 202

Note: To find the server UUID, go to the Server Details page of the Rackspace Cloud Control panel and locate the UUID on the ID line.

You should now be able to perform reset network API calls for Cloud Servers.