Rackspace Fabric FAQ


How can I reset the password of my Email?

If you're a cloud account administrator, go to Event History. It should support users to know if there are any recent modifications or account access.

How can I return back to my previous ticketing application?

Rackspace is deactivating the former ticketing component and migrating clients to Fabric Ticketing, which has been utilized by multi-cloud users for some time. New features and customer feedback enhancements are gradually being integrated in the new Fabric Ticketing application.

I am not able to login to MyRack portal. I have been asked for MFA verification though I have not configured MFA yet.

MFA is mandatory for all customers and must be configured by all accounts. To configure MFA, refer to Multi-Factor-Authentication

I am not getting email notification via My Rackportal for incidents pertaining to Alert Logic.

You will receive the notification when you enable the **Notification Preference** option. To check the preference, refer to Notification-Preference.

I am unable to login to MyRack Portal. While login it is showing no primary contact exists.

Create a new ticket in the fabric ticketing app under the category **Account** and select **User Management** as the account type. Contact your Admin or follow up with the support team or Account Manager if you are unable to log into the portal.


I am unable to edit a ticket. I am getting the notification that I don't have permission to update.

Contact an admin (customer side), Customer Success Manager or Support Team.

I am not able to generate PIN via Rackspace portal.

According to the instructions here: Support Pin Management, you should be able to unlock the PIN via the portal. If you are unable to do so, you should contact the customer support.