Install IIS on Windows 2012

This article describes how to install Internet Information
Services (IIS) on Windows® Server 2012.


This task requires a user with administrative privileges on the server.

Install IIS by using Server Manager

  1. Log in to
    the server.

  2. Press the Start button, type Server Manager, and press Enter to open
    the Server Manager Dashboard window.

  3. In the upper right-hand corner, click Manage.

  4. From the drop-down options, click Add Roles and Features to launch
    the Add Roles and Features Wizard.

  5. Proceed through the Add Roles and Features Wizard until you reach the
    Server Roles section.

  6. Click the box next to Web Server (IIS), click Add Features, and click

  7. Proceed to the Add Roles and Features Wizard until you reach the
    Role Services section.

    You can keep the default selections or check role services to install
    for IIS, including FTP server, advanced logging options, and more.

  8. Select all the desired role services and click Next.

  9. In the Confirmation section, you can review your selections and,
    optionally, check the box to restart the server automatically after installation.

  10. After reviewing the selections, click Install.

The Add Roles and Features Wizard displays a successful installation
message upon completion.

You can go back and install additional role services at any time. You can do further
configuration by using the IIS Manager, which you can find by pressing the Start
button and typing IIS.

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