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What is ObjectRocket?

ObjectRocket is a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) that provides fully-managed database services, with multi-cloud support for five different databases. We offer database hosting, management, and administration for modern sites and applications in data centers across the globe. The ObjectRocket platform is Kubernetes-based, using the latest containerization and automation technologies to ensure highly available, robust data stores.

Get to know ObjectRocket by reading our blogs and checking out our Services at a Scale pages.

Getting started

The Getting Started Guide helps you get up and
running on the ObjectRocket system. It assumes use of the ObjectRocket web interface and guides you through the following

  1. Get an ObjectRocket account
  2. Add billing information
  3. Create an instance
  4. Create a database
  5. Add an Access Control List (ACL)

Backup and recovery

Data backups are provided to give you access to point-in-time copies of your data. Backups are taken at regular intervals. Learn more about backups in the Backup and Recovery guide

ObjectRocket API

The ObjectRocket API is a REST-based HTTP API over SSL. You can use the API in addition to and along with the MongoDB driver access into ObjectRocket.

Connect via native MongoDB Drivers

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