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Alert Logic Security Solutions

Rackspace is pleased to partner with Alert Logic® to provide Security Solutions comprised of Alert Logic Essentials and Professional as a suite of Threat Management™ services and capabilities. The Security Solutions provide increasing levels of security coverage for IT assets hosted on infrastructure that can span across on-premise, public cloud and on hosted data centers.


Asset VisibilityDiscover and visualize the assets in an environment based on a recurring discovery process for on-prem data-centers, hosted environments, public clouds leveraging an easy and fast discovery process that is managed for you, on a recurring basis. The health of the customer’s deployment is monitored and appropriate remediations on how to improve your deployment are pro-actively provided.
Vulnerability and configuration visibilityDiscover and visualize weaknesses in your deployed assets and cloud-configuration through internal network scans, external network scans and PCI Scans. Prioritize vulnerabilities to be remediated based on threat risk index scoring and based on ‘biggest-bang-for-the-buck’ grouping of multiple hosts sharing the same vulnerable images being run, and multiple vulnerabilities that can be addressed using the same patches.
Support services - PCI Scanning ASV SupportGet help with intricacies of scan scheduling, interpretation of PCI accredited scan vendor results and working through the remediation and exception processes to reach scan PCI compliance.


Essentials capabilities includedAll capabilities available at the Essentials coverage level are included in Professional coverage.
Threat visibilityDetection of threats in motion through network IDS, log collection and log analytics, and generation of actionable incidents with contextual information.
Log management, storage, and searchCollection, storage, online search of Infrastructure, Cloud, System, Application and custom logs.
Security Incident Management and response supportSOC 24x7 support with incident triage, assessment, escalation and response support.
Compliance ReadinessProfessional embedded security capabilities help to meet key compliance mandates and support compliance audit processes.

The solution is designed to be used side by side for different environments, in a blended model. Not all environments face the same threats and have the same business value. The coverage levels selected for an environment should be
aligned with the risk assessment for that environment.

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