Maintain your Environment

To reduce the risk of certain change requests, Rackspace Technology or customers can recommend that certain functions occur in a scheduled maintenance. These scheduled maintenances ensure that the following are available to the customer:

  • Reserved Rackspace Technology resources to complete the defined tasks of the maintenance.
  • Documented maintenance preparation and quality checks from all departments involved in the maintenance.
  • Defined length of maintenance to accomplish the defined tasks.
  • Documented rollback plan in the event of unforeseen circumstances during execution.

Because we cannot confirm the full scope of a maintenance until we complete all quality checks, Rackspace Technology schedules only after all quality checks have passed.

Because we base the maintenance calendar scheduling on availability of all teams involved, we accept reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if this maintenance is urgent or if there is a limited timeline in which to execute it, contact your account team to see if we can accommodate your need.

This chapter contains the following sections:

ESXi patching

Subject to technical eligibility, or if you are running or at risk of running an unsupported ESXi version, we might proactively upgrade your hypervisor to a newer ESXi version. If we plan to proactively upgrade you, we notify you in accordance with the Dedicated Hosting Terms and Conditions.

We also work with you to perform VMware ESXi upgrades at your request or to address critical vulnerabilities.

Because your VMware Server Virtualization configuration can vary, we recommend reaching out to your account team to discuss upgrade options that best suit your environment and needs.

OS patching

Rackspace Technology provides a managed OS patching service for supported operating systems and tests all patches in lab-environments before applying monthly to customer environments. Rackspace Technology and the customer agree on the patching schedule.

The monthly testing schedule refers only to Guest OS.